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Дневник пользователя "clmm8899"

понедельник, 9 ноября 2009 г.
Under the concept of "star guard stock fishing." clmm8899 09:05:39
 As the public air jordan securities market, to clarify the concept and insider trading "star of" lost: for speculation 600120 (zhejiang east "insider trading," DengJie star in the blog in response, "I must tell you my responsibly, not the zhejiang east of shareholders, and even hear never heard this stock, let alone holding." DengJie says, the friend that perfect outfit.but with zhejiang east third big circulated Stockholders' perfect outfit.but "name repetition. The shareholders as star has been clarified to take his expectations of alibaba lend hull on speculation. The stock market is the river lake rumours have ulterior motives ", "big shareholders and use the same names as account of" story "has also lets a person. As early as in earlier this year, with 3 years of suspended complete resumption of dragon ST, thus not only after the first day 1004.08% CARDS as the rose became "wonders", some media on the shares of the top ten circulation in air jordan the first two shareholders, Chen hao's film "knockout" Chen hao, ZhangYu is CCTV program "mouth" name ZhangYu speculation is that this was reported, travolta look-alike stock market, and one of the topics focus "netizens" boycott of mice storehouse Shouting questions have become interwoven in the programme. For the stock market "story" savvy people understand that this is often unbuildable stock to borrow "star power" to "saga behind, do not exclude some bad funds and interest group with the eye-catching way to achieve their goal. Only use different character name, the star is big different results, some stars and agent was also want to borrow "free", and will be a hype been vague using fuzzy to "will wrong", and some stars for their image and other considerations will immediately clarification. With a joke in the borrow "star: the concept of" set of capital and hype interest groups, and more research to the character and ugg boot actual borrows star, not only because of the star to clarify premature wear help advance "concept. Intrade is the concept of "star".simple commonly used gimmick, the securities law, the determination method of insider trading by the relevant laws and regulations for the regulation of long and explanation: generally speaking, insider trading subject into "inside information source" and "illegal gain insider information" two categories, no matter what kind of body, which belongs to two kinds of people in the insider information sensitive period or other relevant securities trading securities trading, or disclosure of such information, can be identified for insider trading. But "star" hype alleged insider trading, but the fact is not the price manipulation, since the beginning of the "right" big shareholders, though the events, but no great influence Jordan shoes on regulators have publicly survey and clarification, perhaps is similar to "outside" began in the a-share market. Because of the traffic law enforcement brigade in pudong, Shanghai, the "fishing hooks and fishing" became the most popular vocabulary, by this perspective, investors really need alert, don't become those who borrowed star "concept" fishing hooks "stock" illegal activities. ugg ugg shoes Bailey Button UGG Boots Bailey Button UGG Classic Cardy Ugg Boots

Дневник пользователя "clmm8899"

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